Introducing the 20-30-40 Glass Society

The Society is a non profit [501(c)(7)] social organization located in the Chicago suburb of LaGrange, Illinois. The Society's purpose is to gain more knowledge of American made glassware of the 1920's, 1930's and 1940's and to further its preservation. We gain our knowledge through the study of American glassware manufacturers and the glass making process. Our members all share a common bond; a love of the beauty of glass and to indulge in the pleasure of collecting.

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Officers and Committee Chairpersons

Here is a listing of the 2018 Board and Committee Members. As this list changes from year to year, we present it in PDF® format. You will need the Adobe Reader to view the document.



Club Meetings are held six (6) times per year, usually at the American Legion Hall in LaGrange, IL. On occasion, meetings may be held in alternate locations. A typical meeting consists of a lunch followed by a short presentation by one of our members on a topic related to glass collecting, a specific pattern or company, or a glassmaking process.


The Society publishes a bi-monthly newsletter, the Society Page, to keep members up to date on events related to the Society. The newsletter also contains articles related to American-made glassware and pottery. Each issue is liberally sprinkled with photographs. Upcoming events are highlighted as well.


From time to time, one or more members of the Society arranges bus trips or caravans for the members to get together and visit a museum, antique mall, glass factory or other activity. Hosted by a member(s), these bus trips are planned and designed for fellowship and to have fun, to enhance your appreciation and knowledge of the art and history of glass making and to increase your knowledge of glassware made in America during the depression era.

Membership in the Society

Membership is open to everyone, not just those who live in the Chicago metro area. Dues are $30/year for a single person and $45/year for a household membership that includes all persons in the household. Dues are payable by December 1 for the following full year. Be sure to print on the Membership Application, as someone else has to read and record the information. Please join us for fun, fellowship and GLASS.

Research Library

The Society maintains a very impressive research library consisting of many reference books on glass and related topics. These publications are available to members during and after regular meetings. If you are interested in researching a particular company or pattern, you will almost surely find useful material in the library "corridors." A listing of the publications is located at:

History of the Society

For those who may be interested, here is a History of the Society from its founding in 1972 until the present day. The 20-30-40 Glass Society was, and is, one of the most active and enduring collecting clubs in the country.


Here are the By-Laws of the Society, last revised in February 2006.


Recent Photos

Sandy Davidson
August 2015:   Sandy Davidson presented her wonderful Victorian Inkwells and Writing Instruments.
Sally Cousineau
August 2015:   Sally Cousineau with her collection of Heisey Plantation.
Karen Trendal
August 2015:   Karen Trendal speaking about her collection of Salt/Pepper shakers.