History of the 20-30-40 Glass Society

In May 1972, several glass collectors met at the home of Ed Trindle; in Joliet, Illinois, to share their common interest in glass collecting, specifically "Depression Glass". At the conclusion of this meeting, the 20-30-40 Society was formed and in 1973 an election named the following to office: Ed Trindle - President, Mrs. Jean Thomann - Secretary, Mrs. Ruth Martin - Membership Secretary, and Mrs. Jean Ostendorp - treasurer.

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A committee formed the By-Laws and purpose of the Society. "The purpose of the SOCIETY is to gain more knowledge of glassware of the 1920's, 30's and 40's and to further the enjoyment and pleasure of collecting glass." By the end of 1973, 105 members were listed in the membership book. Members came from Indiana, Iowa, Michigan and southern Illinois to meetings held every other month in Joliet.

Early hunting for Depression Glass was very intriguing, as most antique dealers had the glass "under tables" and at flea markets you could buy a "bushel" of glass for a few dollars. As the popularity and appreciation of Depression Glass grew, so did the club. In 1979 the Society received its' Non-for-profit charter from the State of Illinois. In the 1980's the Club had approximately 230 members. The 20-30-40 Society incorporated as a not-for-profit 501(c)(7) on May20, 2005 and expanded its name to The 20-30-40 Glass Society of Illinois.

Every year since the beginning the Society has sponsored a Chicagoland Depression Era Glass Show & Sale that had always maintained the highest standards of quality and best selection of dealers from across the nation.

Throughout the years, the 20-30-40 Society shows have included seminars, a glass grinder, beautiful glass displays (showing off some of the rarest and hard to find glass treasures), an extensive reference library and hospitality greeters. Through the years guests have included Hazel Marie Weatherman, Frances Bones, Tom Smith, Gene Florence, Dean Six, Carolyn Grace Dahlberg, Chicago Tribune Antique Columnist - Anita Gold, and Charles Lotton to mention a few.

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The bi-monthly meetings started with a main program, on Elegant table service and/or an A to Z table service. The meetings now include a main program on glass and two shorter programs comprising of several areas of collecting, possibly Silver service, china, Depression era jewelry or rolling pins, etc. To tempt your inquisitive mind, we also have the "what's it table". A fun part of our meetings is introducing new members and guests as they are called upon to confess how they got started collecting. Over the years we have heard many interesting stories. Some of the guests, who did not collect, somehow became collectors after attending a meeting. The displays are so beautiful it is hard to resist joining the collecting ranks.

We take great pride in guest speakers, to name a few; we have enjoyed Howard Seuffer, Dave Fetty, Delmer Stowasser (from the Fenton Art Glass Co.), Kelsey Murphy and Robert Bomkamp (from Studios of Heaven Cameo Glass, formerly from Pilgrim Glass Co.).

The meetings also include a buffet of fried chicken provided by the club with a dish pass provided by the members. Members bring their own table settings thereby showing off the patterns they collect. If we must say so - they are all beautiful and take pride in showing them off. A small door charge is collected to help cover the cost of the meeting room.

It is impossible to attend a meeting and not become educated or compelled to join and share your collection.

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